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Anklet under tights

6 Anklets DON'Ts

Anklets are back. BIG time. And they're staying around this time. Designers have already embraced them for Spring 2016 and there are no more reasons why you should avoid them.... Read More

5 Ways Baby Elephants Are Just Like Us

People say elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They have the largest brain of anything that walks on earth and has much more neuron connections than we humans do. However, I... Read More
Baby Elephant on Bed
Purple Butterfly Necklace

Fluttery Butterfly Necklaces & Butterfly Rings

Butterfly jewelry has always been popular. They have been captivating artists and jewelers for centuries. The interest in butterflies broadened during the Art Nouveau period when Japanese art began to... Read More

Barred: Bar Necklaces, Bar Bracelets & Bar Earrings

I'm all for tackling the latest jewelry trend — larger and bigger jewelry come to mind—but I'm more comfortable wearing things that are a bit more reasonable, and buying pieces... Read More
Rose Gold Line Necklace
Branch Ear Cuff

9 Ear Cuffs That Will Heat Up Your Summer Look

During summer, all we seem to be doing is finding the perfect flowery dress for outdoor dates, concerts or music festivals. Or we're looking for the perfect wedding dresses because... Read More

5 Top Tree of Life References in Modern Culture

The Tree of Life has deep religious and cultural roots. They appear in different religions and inspire arts. Take a look at the contemporary Trees of Life that are central... Read More

4 Cool Ways to Style Your Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs are our favorite accessory–they can be a stand-alone statement piece or a subtle complement to any other piece. Ear cuffs instantly make you look more sophisticated. More modern.... Read More

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is one of history’s most mysterious and alluring images. Known as a nazar (derived from the Arabic word for “seeing”), this ancient symbol is design to ward... Read More
rose gold palm hand cuff image

How To Wear A Palm Cuff

Hand Bracelet, Palm Bracelet, Palm Cuff. Who would’ve thought a bracelet and a ring could emerge into something so awesome? This fun and exotic piece of jewelry is rising in... Read More