People say elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They have the largest brain of anything that walks on earth and has much more neuron connections than we humans do. However, I wanted to take a look at not just how smart these animals are, but in other ways, they are similar to us using Baby Elephant Gifs.

Elephants have an intimate relationship with their beds.

Baby Elephant on Bed

They'll make the first kiss awkward.

Baby Elephant Kisses

YAAAAS. Back rubs. They really enjoy a backrub.

Baby Elephant CuddlesSometimes they dance like no one is watching.

Baby Elephant Dances Like No One's watchingMoms always ruin the fun

Baby Elephant with Mom ElephantAt Amorium we love elephants not just because they are adorable, but also because they represent strength, power, stability, luck and wisdom. This is why we decided to add elephant pieces to our collections. And, if you adored the baby elephants that you might adore these lucky elephant anklets as well.
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