Butterfly jewelry has always been popular. They have been captivating artists and jewelers for centuries. The interest in butterflies broadened during the Art Nouveau period when Japanese art began to influence art in Europe. Nowadays, more and more jewelers are starting to use butterfly elements in many of their upcoming designs.

Figuring out why the butterfly is starting to become popular again isn't easy. But it's easy to see why people might want to add a butterfly piece to their collection. Butterflies are elegant, colorful, fantastical and whimsical. They instantly add a feminine touch of joie-de-vivre to your neck, wrist or fingers.

Butterfly Necklaces & Butterfly Rings

Inspired by fluttering butterfly our designers set stones that will mimic the shimmering of butterfly wings. Our butterfly necklaces work with any neckline, whether your neckline is a plain white t-shirt or a deep plunging V. Click on any of the pieces below to see the full description.
Purple Butterfly Necklace Purple Butterfly Necklace ($62)
Dark Blue Butterfly Necklace Dark Blue Butterfly Necklace ($62)
Orange Butterfly Necklace Orange Butterfly Necklace ($62)
Teal Butterfly Necklace Teal Butterfly Necklace ($62)
Butterfly & Circle Ring Butterfly & Circle Ring ($36)


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