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7 Chakras

7 chakras to balance your life

There is nothing more important than living a healthy and balanced life. A life where you can be free, happy, and live in the moment. You can maintain and improve... Read More

Nourish Your Soul: Chakra and Meditation tips

Image courtesy of sjanaelise Meditation and Yoga The topic of yoga and meditation are extremely complex. So let's keep it simple. We all live extremely busy lives, it can get... Read More
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5 Top Tree of Life References in Modern Culture

The Tree of Life has deep religious and cultural roots. They appear in different religions and inspire arts. Take a look at the contemporary Trees of Life that are central... Read More

Hamsa - Jewelry with Meaning

You’ve all seen our favorite celebrities wear it, heck, you might even be intrigued to rock it yourself, so, what exactly is a Hamsa? Get Yours A Hamsa is an... Read More
Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chain Hamsa Ring

What's your sign?

Bonjour followers! If you happen to be into Zodiacs signs do not wait any longer and visit our website to check our stunning Zodiac sign necklaces! Made out of... Read More

Wear your zodiac sign pendant out!

Happy Monday Amorium followers! Today, we are proud to introduce our most popular collection of the week, the Zodiac signs collection! These stunners are available now at our website! Made... Read More