Ear Cuffs are our favorite accessory–they can be a stand-alone statement piece or a subtle complement to any other piece. Ear cuffs instantly make you look more sophisticated. More modern. More trendy. With very little effort :) We've already described How to Put On Ear Cuffs. Now, we think you're ready to explore some ear cuff styling tips. Earcuffs are more versatile than most jewelry--and no matter the shape or color they can be used in a variety of style to help you get the look you want. Check out our 4 cool ways to style your ear cuffs with any outfit at any given time of the day!

Red Carpet Style:

Going somewhere fancy? Try wearing our slender and chic Branch Ear Cuff as this ear cuff style is elegant, and handcrafted with ascending crystals, which curves and gives off the right amount flashy in a calm setting.

Street Style:

EarCuffStyleTipsLexi Are you going to Starbucks? Shopping or going to the post office? There is nothing wrong with dressing up for the mean streets of your city or for yourself, in general, so for the sake of Amorium try our Lexi Ear Cuff to accommodate you on all of your daily pick ups. This ear cuff is dainty yet minimal as it hugs your entire helix. Feel free to wear your cutest bun as this ear cuff truly makes up for the simplicity of your comfortable outfit. Festival Style: Festival season is almost here! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Amorium has designed the perfect ear cuffs for your music filled summer. Bring out the bronzer and pink lipstick as this look is made for our Feather and Spike Ear Cuffs. Dare to be different by adding our Mini Bezel Cuffs in the mix as these beauties lightens up your cartilages in the most favorable way! Beach Babe: SquareCartilageBlog Beach babe or beach bum? It doesn’t matter whether you spend your time laid out on the sand or cruising through the surf shop, Amorium’s ear cuff styles such as our Square Cartilage Ear Cuff would look super cool paired with our popular studs such as our Flat Bar and Geometric Studs .


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