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The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is one of history’s most mysterious and alluring images. Known as a nazar (derived from the Arabic word for “seeing”), this ancient symbol is design to ward... Read More

New Year Style: Celebrate in 3 Ways!

Amorium has jewelry for every holiday, event, and age. Check out what pieces you should buy for your New Year’s night! Golden Layers: Be the golden girl you always dreamed... Read More
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Thanksgiving Amorium Style

Thanksgiving, it is the time of the year where we spend all of our time with the ones we love and feast like there is no tomorrow. Want to stress... Read More

Summer Sale Amorium Fans!

Hello Everyone! Amorium Jewelry wants to give you great news after a long week of work! You don't want to miss it! Save the date and come join us this... Read More
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Planning your vacation for this summer?

Traveling this summer? Do not forget to take us with you! Amorium Jewelry will not only stylize your outfits and give a dash of sophistication to your lightweight clothing but... Read More

New stunning products online!

Have you seen our latest products online? Check them out now at From the Mimosa collection, beautiful and exiting new pieces have just arrived to our website. Lots of... Read More
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Who is Amorium Jewelry?

So let's talk a little bit about Amorium Jewelry ... Who are we? Amorium Jewelry is an international handmade jewelry company based in Miami, Florida and we ship worldwide.... Read More


Summer is around the corner! Get ready for the lightweight clothing and your beautiful accessories. Check out now our favorites for this summer! This summer Amorium Jewelry offers great combinations,... Read More

Men's Collection now available online!

Our Men's collection is now online! Watch how this cute dog introduces it to you ♥ For a quick overview of our entire men's collection visit us at: Read More