rose gold palm hand cuff image Hand Bracelet, Palm Bracelet, Palm Cuff. Who would’ve thought a bracelet and a ring could emerge into something so awesome? This fun and exotic piece of jewelry is rising in the polls of popularity and Amorium would hate for you to miss out on this palm phenomena. Check out our easy guide on how to wear our Palm Cuffs.

Step 1: No Thumbs Allowed

When putting on your Palm Cuff make sure you are using four fingers only which includes your: pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger, and pointer finger. rose gold palm cuff image

Step 2: Gentle Adjustments

We all weren’t created the same so keep in mind that your hands are different from everyone else’s. When wearing your palm cuff feel free to adjust the rings according to your comfort level. If your palm cuff fits tightly, gently clench your fist and adjust the cuff to make it a bit looser. If your palm cuff feels as if it will fall off your hand, simply enclose the cuff around your hand more so that it fits more securely. silver palm cuff image

Step 3: Move with Care

Life gets crazy so don’t forget to remove your palm cuff while washing your hands or while out and about at the beach or poolside with your friends! Also, make sure the palm cuff doesn’t brush up harshly against another object. These precautions help with the longevity of your newfound gem! rose gold palm cuff image

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