Anklets are back. BIG time. And they're staying around this time. Designers have already embraced them for Spring 2016 and there are no more reasons why you should avoid them. They instantly add a bit of Boho Chic to your look and are the perfect accessory for sandals, skirts, flowy trousers and summer in general. And why should my legs go unadorned when I've got gorgeous pieces on my wrists and necks?

But since this is such a 'new' type of jewelry, it's not quite easy to figure out how to exactly wear them. We don't know either, but there are a few cardinal things that we think you should avoid.

Wear under tights.

Anklet under tights

First of all, no one can see the anklet. Second, it makes your tights look lumpy. Third, anklets look much better on bare ankles. If you wear an anklet, show it proudly.

Wear over tights.

Anklet over tights

Not that proudly, though. No matter how cold your town is, there is no excuse to wear anklets over tights. They don't look good and will most likely snag on the soft clothes.

Layer up.

Anklet Layers The trend is new and one day it might even become chic. But focus on simplicity for now, because anything even a little bit extra will draw too much attention.

Wear a chunky one.

Loud Anklets

You know the annoying clink-clink din of someone's clunky bangles when they're typing. Now imagine that sound every time a person moves. Don't be that person who goes clink-clink-clink every time their foot moves.

Wear with tie-up sandals.

With tie up sandals adorning your ankles and calves, there is no reason for you to add another accessory.

Go for a leather one.

Ew. You don't want to look like that surfer dude.

Now that we've discussed the few cardinal sins of wearing anklets, are you ready to put your best foot forward, with one of these anklets:

Triangle Charms Anklet in Silver Triangle Charms Anklet in Silver ($88)
Bird Anklet in Rose Gold Bird Anklet in Rose Gold ($88)
Colorful Rose Gold Anklet Colorful Rose Gold Anklet ($88)
Rose Gold Clover Anklet Rose Gold Clover Anklet ($88)
Rose Gold Mimosa Anklet Rose Gold Mimosa Anklet ($45)
Rose Gold Star Anklet Rose Gold Star Anklet($88)
Rose Gold Arrow Anklet Rose Gold Triangle Anklet ($88)
Rose Gold Elephant Anklet Rose Gold Elephant Anklet ($88)
Silver Colorful Drop Anklet Silver Colorful Drop Anklet ($88)


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