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What Does The Blue Evil Eye Mean & How to Protect Yourself Using Jewelry - Amorium Jewelry

What Does The Blue Evil Eye Mean & How to Protect Yourself Using Jewelry

Evil Eyes may have taken place as early as the beginning of the Paleolithic era. This figure is found in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cultures as well as in Buddhist...

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is one of history’s most mysterious and alluring images. Known as a nazar (derived from the Arabic word for “seeing”), this ancient symbol is design to ward... Read More

We Heart It: Amorium Staff Picks

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Thanksgiving Amorium Style

Thanksgiving, it is the time of the year where we spend all of our time with the ones we love and feast like there is no tomorrow. Want to stress... Read More

Animal Power

Animal Pieces have been in high demand for the last couple of years, but Amorium has taken your spirit animal to the next level with our popular and unique animal... Read More
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In Defense of the Anklet.

Sterling Silver Anklet with Red Beads -> The Anklet can sometimes be the forgotten cousin in the jewelry family. We are here to take a stand in support of the... Read More

We LOVE bracelets!

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