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Maintain Your Jewelry's Sparkle and Shine

Your sterling silver jewelry can last you a lifetime, but only if you care for it with proper love and attention. We are here to guide you in the right... Read More

It’s Chilly Out...Time to Wrap Up!

Some fashion comes and goes never to be seen again. But the choker trend that captivated the 90s is back and in full effect! Chokers have resurfaced and are embellishing... Read More

How to Pick Necklaces That Will Layer Better Together!

These days anything goes when it comes to pairing necklaces together – mixed metals, fabrics, layering different pieces, pendant necklaces with choker necklaces—there aren’t any pre-prescribed rules to layer. However,... Read More

Thanksgiving Amorium Style

Thanksgiving, it is the time of the year where we spend all of our time with the ones we love and feast like there is no tomorrow. Want to stress... Read More

Animal Power

Animal Pieces have been in high demand for the last couple of years, but Amorium has taken your spirit animal to the next level with our popular and unique animal... Read More

Happy Birthday VIRGO!

It is commonly known that Virgo's, more than any other sign, were born to serve. In fact, for many, it gives them great joy to do so.Whether you're a Virgo... Read More
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Happy Birthday Leo!

Prepare yourself for an AMAZING birthday month, LEO! With great vibes and exciting developments coming your way, take advantage of new opportunities by saying YES! Yes to possible career shifts,... Read More

Perfect Gift Ideas for Class of 2014!

The months of May and June are considered Graduation season for many American students and we all know finding the perfect gift for the graduate in your life can sometimes... Read More
Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chain Hamsa Ring

Hamsa - Jewelry with Meaning

You’ve all seen our favorite celebrities wear it, heck, you might even be intrigued to rock it yourself, so, what exactly is a Hamsa? Get Yours A Hamsa is an... Read More