animalpowergraphic Animal Pieces have been in high demand for the last couple of years, but Amorium has taken your spirit animal to the next level with our popular and unique animal necklaces that our customers just can not get enough of! Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.43.17 PM

Bird with Flower Necklace

This handmade sterling silver necklace made with cz clear stones into this beautiful Bird pendant, this bird has a black body with Rose Gold wings! The pendant is exactly 1 inch in length and width and is sitting on an 8 inch chain.


Rose Gold Evil Eye Butterfly

We have seen Evil Eyes everywhere this past season, but have you seen it on a butterfly? I think not. if you love butterfly pendants there is nothing cooler than a butterfly with this unique print on it! This Rose Gold plated , sterling silver beauty comes on a 16 inch chain. PERFECT for layering ! Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.52.02 PM

Silver Sea Horse Necklace

If you don’t think Seahorses are awesome, you aren’t allowed to wear any creature from the sea around your neck! This cute and trendy handmade Sterling Silver seahorse with clear CZ crystals on an 8 inch chain can be worn to the beach and just about everywhere else because it is too cool to leave in your jewelry box. If your a gold lover see it in Rose Gold .

Shop Our Animal Pieces:


Rose Gold Plated Pink Butterfly Necklace

Available in Rose Gold, Blue , Purple & Orange !


Rose Gold Plated Dolphin Necklace


Rose Gold Plated Serpent Necklace


Rose Gold 'Lucky Elephants' Necklace


Black Spider Necklace

Available also in Rose Gold & Black


Rose Gold Tortoise Necklace


Black Octopus Necklace

Also available in Rose Gold & Black


Rose Gold Black & White Butterfly Necklace

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