These days anything goes when it comes to pairing necklaces together – mixed metals, fabrics, layering different pieces, pendant necklaces with choker necklaces—there aren’t any pre-prescribed rules to layer. However, there are still a few pointers you might want to follow to achieve the perfect layered effect. triangleandlinenecklaces Step One: Vibes! Layering necklaces of varying lengths and textures adds diversity and movement to a look but it is key to always pick necklaces that have the same vibe. When you choose three modern chic pieces, or two edgy pieces the metals and their colors will play well with each other to create a sophisticated and coherent style. Step Two: Length Matters. Length matters. You found different necklaces that are better together. Now you want your necklaces to play well with each other. Necklaces doesn’t play well when they are all the same length. With each necklace on top of each other, you can’t showcase each individual piece and they are more likely to get tangled so start off with different lengths. Layered necklace length guide

Here are a few of our favorites.

Circle Disk Necklace and Triangle and line necklace layer image Try our Black Circle Disk Necklace paired with our Black Triangle and Line Necklace for an edgier look!

Delicate necklace image

For a more "every day" look try layering our chic and delicate pieces like our Mini Infinity Necklace, Circle and Heart Necklace, and our V-Pendulum Necklace all in rose gold!

Step Three: Don’t overdo it! Some may become a little chain happy and burden their collarbone with tons of necklaces. Remember to keep it simple and chic, we suggest keeping a three-necklace maximum. Not only will you look fashionably clean-cut but this method will also keep your pieces in amazing shape and save you from de-tangling duty.

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