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3 Celebrities Wearing Ear Candy

There's a new trend around and everybody's wearing it. Added bonus, if you're afraid of the piercing gun, then this is the trend for you! This subtle yet statement accessory... Read More

How to Wear Ear Cuffs Like Celebrities in 4 Easy Steps

Ear cuffs are a must have accessory. You can wear them to complement a look you already have, or use them to make a statement. No matter how you pair... Read More
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Dare to be Different

Dare to be different with Amorium's new Sterling Silver Nose Ring! This new addition adds edge in the simplest form possible. No piercing is required for this nose ring, just... Read More

New Year Style: Celebrate in 3 Ways!

Amorium has jewelry for every holiday, event, and age. Check out what pieces you should buy for your New Year’s night! Golden Layers: Be the golden girl you always dreamed... Read More
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The Best Sellers you Should Own

The Holiday season is here, which also means it’s party season. Grab your eggnog and check out which Amorium sellers will be the eye candy at your cousin’s Christmas party.... Read More

Guide to the Perfect Braid Crown

A Braid Crown is the ideal hairstyle to beat the heat without skipping a beat! With summer upon us, this rain, humidity or just plain sweaty-ness is really cramping our... Read More

Ear cuffs are back!

Ear cuffs are back in our online store more shinny than ever! Made with beautiful round cubic zirconia crystals, these earrings are set to stay on the lobe of your... Read More