Ear cuffs are a must have accessory. You can wear them to complement a look you already have, or use them to make a statement. No matter how you pair them or what you pair them with, you will look bolder and brighter. Ear Cuff Collection Image I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of celebrities and your favorite bloggers wearing ear cuffs. Ear cuffs look nothing like your everyday earring; they come big, they come small, they are usually swallowed in crystals or as minimal as they come. There are even ear cuffs that have your favorite animal and symbols plastered all over them. Ear cuffs are amazing in every way but the question of, “ how do I put these ear cuffs on my ears anyway?” always come to minds of many all over the world. Don’t be scared try something new! Ear cuffs may seem difficult to put on at first but as elaborate as an ear cuff may look, these precious pieces of metal are as simple as putting on your day-to-day set of earrings. First, let’s understand that an ear cuff is basically an earring that you wear over your ear. It doesn’t hang from your lobe like a dangle earring and let’s not forget that with ear cuffs you don’t need multiple piercings to get the ‘full-eared’ look. Yay! Check out our 4 Step process to rocking your ear cuffs! Step 1: Putting the ear cuff in. Insert the elongated post of your ear cuff into your piercing like a normal earring, letting the whole ear cuff hang like a chain earring. Rose gold bubble ear cuff image Step 2: Rotating the Ear Cuff Once the entire post is inserted through your ear piercing the ear cuff should resemble an upside down drop earring. Take the ear cuff and rotate it gently till the ear cuff is aligned with the helix of your ear. At this point, the helix of the ear should be positioned between the elongated post and the ear. *Always remember that the elongated post is used to pinch and keep the cuff along the helix of your ear. * rose gold bubble ear cuff image Step 3: Positioning an Ear Cuff Everyone has different ears, and different preferences. How you want you ear cuff to look depends on the shape of your ears and how you want it to look. Adjust the ear cuff till it looks good to you or use photos of your favorite celebs wearing ear cuffs to inspire your preference. Step Four: Remember to Pinch your Ear Cuff! Once you’re happy with how your ear cuff looks on you, it’s time to pinch the deal. Squeeze the ear cuff post and the actual ear cuff for a more snug fit, and extra security. rose gold bubble ear cuff And there you have it; your ear cuffs are stable, glamorous and you’re all ready to go! rose gold bubble ear cuff image Did you like our Bubble Ear Cuff in Rose Gold used above? Shop here to get the look now. Liked this post? Let us know know below :)


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