A Braid Crown is the ideal hairstyle to beat the heat without skipping a beat! With summer upon us, this rain, humidity or just plain sweaty-ness is really cramping our style. So, “What’s a stylish girl to do?” we wondered. By taking cues from some of our favorite stylish celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, here is our How-To Guide… e34d8762a15b175500677663d62cbf7c STEP 1 : Split your hair down the center. STEP 2 : Starting that your neck, braid your hair toward your forehead. Fasten with a thin elastic band and repeat on the other side. Don’t worry if it feels or looks a little funny that just means you’re doing it right! STEP 3 : Wrap your braids around each other, like a headband and pin them securely into place. STEP 4 : For a ‘just off the runway’ look, pull a few strands around your face. STEP 5 : Finish your look off with our Diamond Line Ear Cuff to draw attention to your beautiful face! SAMSUNG CSC


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