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3-D Geometric Necklace

Shop for Hidden Gems in Amorium

While scrolling through Amorium’s online store, you realize there are hundreds of jewelry in all kinds of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming. If you... Read More

Not so subtle

All our jewelry are delicate, unique, chic, and noticeable. Once in awhile, we like to release a piece that sparks immediate curiosity. An example is our palm cuff that goes... Read More
Cool jewelry - Silver Palm Cuffs
Ivy blossom ear cuffs in rose gold

The Flowers are here

It is fall and we released our Blossom Collection which includes cherry blossom and delicate ivy designs to prepare you for the colder seasons. Floral designs are the latest trend... Read More

Stacking Not Lacking

When do we ever have enough rings? Never! You can't decide which rings to put on because you like so many of them. Fear not, you can wear both the... Read More
Evil Eye, Stone Band, Open Delicate Rings

Rose Gold is the New *Everything*

Rose gold has been on the scene for generations. But as of late, the soft, warm color has taken on an updated vibe with a modern look that is full... Read More

Survival of the New Year : The Essentials

Here are some essentials that will get your through New Year’s Eve without looking like a train wreck once the ball drops, Hooray! Lipstick is cool until it smudges on... Read More
Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 1.24.19 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.01.25 PM

Amazing Winter Hair

Check out these cool winter hairstyles, suitable enough to lighten any mood! Sit On Your Throne: When your hair isn’t quite what you thought it would be and you’re on... Read More

A New Kind Of New Year's Resolution

In the dawn of the new year we always find ourselves thinking, writing and researching a list of things to do over the next year that will help us become... Read More
Happy Girls

Currently Obsessed With : Galaxy Nails

STOP what you're doing and check out this incredibly cool Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial! This is the reasons why we love the internet! We stumbled upon the lovely blog, PrettySquared... Read More