It is fall and we released our Blossom Collection which includes cherry blossom and delicate ivy designs to prepare you for the colder seasons. Floral designs are the latest trend to hit and they are going on strong into the fall. Like the trend, our jewelry preserves flowers and nature with a timeless display of livelihood. Watch nature unfold right before your eyes as you browse our lovely selection of delicate ivy and cherry blossom jewelry. Stay warm and find your inspirations this season. The delicate ivy is always uplifting and finding its way to the top. Ivy blossom ear cuffs in rose gold Delicate Ivy Ear Studs in Rose Gold Delicate Ivy Ring in Rose Gold Imagine the cherry blossoms blossoming, spreading its beauty around. You can spread your charm with our dainty cherry blossom jewelry. Cherry Blossom Ear Cuff Cherry Blossom Bracelet


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