All our jewelry are delicate, unique, chic, and noticeable. Once in awhile, we like to release a piece that sparks immediate curiosity. An example is our palm cuff that goes around all your fingers to give you a remarkable look. If you were in a room with a hundred people and didn’t know anyone, you would find interest in someone with a not so subtle piece. It is easier to start a conversation and hold one, because our not so subtle pieces like our palm cuffs attract easygoing trendsetters and Bohemian shoppers (mainly people who like to go beyond trends). Cool jewelry - Silver Palm Cuffs Everyone needs a stand-out piece. When you are feeling daring and want to try something new, you can put on a palm cuff from Amorium. You can also explore your interests further by using the search bar on or scroll through our category pages to look for more eye-catching designs. Enjoy! Gold palm cuff for women Rose gold palm cuff for women Rose gold palm cuffs for women


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