STOP what you're doing and check out this incredibly cool Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial!galaxynailart33-1 This is the reasons why we love the internet! We stumbled upon the lovely blog, PrettySquared How-To, posted early last year, and we had to give it a try ourselves! A total of 14 colors were used for this tutorial, but the great thing about GALAXY Nails, is that you totally have the artisitc freedom to use more or a little less to achieve your prefect Out-Of-This-World look! Heres what you need: Materials used:
1 makeup sponge (the finer texture the better)
1 Qtip
Polish Remover (for cleanup)
A variety of nail polishes in the Pink, purple, cream, white and blue hues.
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As tricky as it may look, this is one of the easiest nail tutorials you can do! Its all about free forms and mistakes can be easily covered up with other layers and through blending. Finish it off with a great clear top coat and pair with your favorite Amorium Ring Party Picks below! and you're ready to blast off into the weekend!


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