Rose gold has been on the scene for generations. But as of late, the soft, warm color has taken on an updated vibe with a modern look that is full of dimension. Whether it's metallic, glittery or matte, rose gold is everywhere right now. We're here to show you how you can rock the rose gold look literally from head to toe! rosegoldmakeupRose Gold is very appealing because it works so well with all skin tones. The color compliments the pink undertones in skin. Rose gold is the new, more playful neutral to mix into your everyday (and night!) look. Try a matte lip with a shimmery lid. When it comes to nail polish, you can go for a soft, almost nude nail. Or pick a glittery polish that is dramatic, but not cheesy. The latest trend in hair color is all about that rose gold. Whether it is an ombre or full head color, Rose gold is whimsical without being shocking. rosegoldclothingThe exciting thing about introducing rose gold into your wardrobe is that it hits all ends of the spectrum. Use it as your base to work off of, or wear a metallic article as your statement piece. Either way, rose gold is great for every season. accessoriesrosegoldRose Gold accessories add a feminine edge to any outfit. Replace your everyday black or nude handbag with a rose gold one to mix things up. It works as a neutral that can go with any outfit. And who doesn't want to "view the world through rose-colored glasses?" jewelryrosegoldHere at Amorium, rose gold is our most sought after jewelry metal. Our pieces have an 18k rose gold over sterling silver. The softness of rose gold acts as a base to let the crystals and pearls in our collection really shine. It's not over-powering. This also makes rose gold ideal for layering and mixing in with your other jewelry.


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