Have you seen our latest products online? Check them out now at www.amorium.com. From the Mimosa collection, beautiful and exiting new pieces have just arrived to our website. Lots of spark, beautiful styles and most importantly all made with 925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia stones. Bring magic to your life with this collection! Choose your favorite piece and wear it on a special occasion to impress anyone. Wear them layered in multiples, stacked with other necklaces or wear them alone and bring the attention to an only piece. Every single piece of jewelry from this collection is impressive in every single way. They are better worn with warm-weather clothing and characterized by its elaborated shapes and crystal details. Up for the drama and the sophistication?Get them now and flight to the fantasy world where you will look sophisticated and fabulous!amorium sterling silver octopus amorium sterling silver waterhorseamorium sterling silver birdsamorium all sterling


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