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Getting ready for THANKSGIVING!

So the most expected day of the year is around the corner! Let’s get on planning a great meal for this very special day! We got the turkey, we got... Read More

Best places to travel this Fall!

At Amorium Jewelry we are great travelers, we LOVE everything about traveling, specially when it comes to traveling in the Fall. Fall, is the best period to travel since it... Read More

Getting ready for HALLOWEEN!

TRICK OR TREAT Amorium followers? So... the most fun and magic night is nearly upon us! Who said that Halloween was only fun for kids, adults enjoy it even more!... Read More

Obssesed with nail art this summer?

Getting ready to look beautiful this summer? Amorium is totally getting ready! And what a better idea than to start by the nails? Not only you would make your jewelry... Read More
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Summer loving...

Getting ready for the summer? At Amorium Jewelry the most fun and attracting colors are now in! Beautiful thread bracelets with Swarovski diamonds that make your wrist look absolutely stunning.... Read More

Have a great sunday!

Have a great sunday! #cupcakes #cute #sundayfunday #fun #sunday Read More

Happy friday

Happy friday everyone! Read More

Thank you to Amorium for lending us jewlery for the shoot you can buy amorium on their website Read More