So the most expected day of the year is around the corner! Let’s get on planning a great meal for this very special day! We got the turkey, we got the decorations, we got the family and we got the shopping! Check, check, check, check! So what a better excuse than eating a great dessert? Make it easy this time, not too many space left on your stomach after the great meal of Thanksgiving... Here are some shooter style appetizers you will never go wrong with! They are full of flavor and they are just the perfect size for these kind of days! Check them out! Which shooter would you pick? 1. Pudding 2. Milkshake  3. Chocolate cake  4. Meringue 5. Cheesecake  6. Vanilla cake  7. Espresso shot 8. Chilled raspberry  9. Beet  10. Cherry trifle 11. Gazpacho 12. Pumpkin  13. Veggie 14. Layered


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