Fashion Crisis: Midweek Chipped Nails.

Creative Fashion Solution: DIY Nail Art that’s perfect to cover up chipped nails!

We've all been there! It's the middle of a busy week and one of your nail polish starts to chip! Like you have the time to get another manicure! So what to do when your nail polish starts chipping but have no time to get them redone? Change it up! We came up with some fun and easy Nail Art tips that you can try next time you find yourself in the Chipped Nails fashion crisis!

Diagonals: Cover top chipping nails with a complementary two-tone nail. d4fb58898cdb5b8948c622c2b247d6c0

Chipping all around? Try the basic boarder Mani. Use a contrasting color to create a dynamic outline of your nails.

ZigZag Nails are a cool way to change the look of your manicure. Cut the strips of tape and paint over.

This really simple Nail art trick creates a cool cloud effect. Choose two additional colors and simple brush 3 small stokes starting mid nail and moving up.


So whether you are looking to save money and prolong your manicure or just don't have the time to get a mani then and there, these Mid-Week Mani Fixes are a great way to continue the nail art continues trend.

Most important, have some fun and inject a little life to a dying manicure!


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