Choosing a Jewelry Wholesaler

Choosing a Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

Choosing a wholesale jewelry supplier is essential for the success of your Jewelry business. Your choice affects your ability to compete on price, deliver the right products to your customers on time, offer the right product selection to satisfy customer demand, and ultimately determine your profit margins. Contrarily, a bad supplier may mean empty shelves or shelves filled with unpopular products and your customers going to your competitor’s store.

So how do you find a great wholesale jewelry supplier? To figure out if a jewelry supplier is right for your jewelry business, you should look at the following factors:


Is the wholesalers jewelry well known amongst your customers? Or do you have to build the brand awareness yourself? Will the wholesaler’s brand drive traffic to your store? These are important questions that may help determine how quickly your products start selling. but what do we do if the sun never rises and we constantly have to make 

Over 500 boutiques including retailers like South Moon Under and Free People already stock Amorium. We’ve carefully nurtured our brand and have built a strong following amongst young women everywhere that you can tap into.


Product Offerings

While this may be obvious you should still ask the wholesale jewelry provider the following questions. Are their jewelry product catalogs clear? Are the catalogs easy to search? How complicated is the buying process?  How consistent are their products? Is their jewelry in stock?


Amorium has a separate version of the website just for our retailers. You'll be able to see all our products and their wholesale prices on the site.


Reliable Shipping

Late deliveries on jewelry means missing out on important sale days. What’s going to happen when customers come to your store looking for a certain type of jewelry and don’t find it? They are going to go somewhere else.  A wholesaler’s inability to deliver will reflect poorly on your jewelry business. You should choose a wholesaler who is proactive about shipping, and keep you notified.


At Amorium, our Jewelry is always in stock and can be delivered within 24-48 hours.

Customer Service

A customer just came back with a broken piece. Can the piece be repaired? What are the trends this season? Can you easily speak to someone to speak about these issues? Right customer service is a huge factor in picking the right wholesale provider. Is there a live person on the other end of the line? Make sure the company you work is there when you need them.


Our customer support team is ready to help with whatever you need.


Marketing Support

If you are a jewelry retailer chances are that you’d have to create promotional material for any of the jewelry pieces that you sell. But do you want to hire a graphic designer to create those marketing materials for you? You should ask the wholesaler if they have marketing collateral and support that they can provide.


Amorium provides free images, displays, and banners that you can use in your stores.

The wholesaler and your relationship with them will ultimately impact your relationship with customers. You need to select someone who makes the most financial sense to you and is someone you can rely on.

At Amorium we have everything you need from a jewelry wholesaler to ensure the success of your business. Want to join our retail network? Just apply below: