Receiving a gift is one of the most exciting parts of the holidays! However, receiving a gift with a beautiful packaging is even more exciting! Check out our favorite packaging ideas for the holidays! You will never go wrong with it! 1. Add some bells to your wrapping enhancing noise and excitement to the present! 2. Recycling paper or newspaper will give an original look to your gift! We love the idea!  3. Buttons and twine are always a good combination for a romantic and loving gift.  4. Make your own package with fun bright pompoms to pop up some color!  5. Stamped names and plain old recycling paper is the keen combination to a gorgeous and classic gift!  6. Map wrap your present! It is a charming alternative to an original wrapping!  What kind of wrapping do you do? Do you wrap your presents with a theme or you do your wrapping as you go? Feel free to share with us followers!


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