It's so easy to incorporate the Sporty trend this season. It's all about comfort infused with a 'Cool Girl' attitude. What's not to love? FIFA World Cup 2014 is just weeks away. So we thought we'd get a jump start on the summer trend but adding a little Sporty Spice into our wardrobes. Rocking the trend is easy! Take your cue from a modern day Sporty Spice with these helpful guidelines: 1. A Leather Baseball cap is the perfect way to hold on to your City Girl feel while still looking down to earth. 2. Birkenstocks are this summers MUST HAVE shoe! Pair them wit a Crop top to avoid feeling frumpy. 3. Represent your country! Try the Cable Chain Earring Thread with Star and our Classic Friendship Bracelet Set in Red, White and Blue. TIP: If you are rooting for another country or different sports team, mix and match our Friendship series with your team colors! Like what you see? Get yours here: Rose and Black and White Print Necklace : Classic Friendship Bracelet Set : Cable Chain Earring Thread with Star :


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