If you love heels as much as we do then you’ll agree one of the biggest downfalls to winter is the restriction on what heels you can wear due to the cold and snow. So what are your options? Wearing different shoes to and from work? Toughen up and freeze your feet off? Not wear heels at all? Yeah, we don’t like these options either. So here are some stylish, yet still warm enough to wear outside, heels for winter.

The key to a good winter heel is:

#1 Make sure the top comes up to at least your ankle.

#2 Make sure the entire shoe is enclosed. (e.g. no peep toes, no sling backs. If they are cutout at all we suggest wearing socks or tights.)

#3 If you can find heels with treads on the bottom, buy them! They are your best friends in the snow. They help you from slipping and falling on your bum.

#4 Make sure they are water resistant. You don’t want to end up ruining your pretty brand new shoes!

Black Lace-up BootiesPink Knee-high BootsTread Booties

Brown Lace-up BootiesCutout BootiesOver-the-knee Boots

Finally don’t forget to accessorize! After all the finishing touches are just as important, so pair your cute new winter heels with some great Amorium jewelry!!! Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.37.28 PMShop this X ring at http://bit.ly/1nLcV54 Diamond-Ear-Cuff-390 Shop this ear cuff at http://bit.ly/1rwYBOp


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