Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 10.18.15 AMHappy Birthday America! Americans love a good reason to spend the day BBQ-ing and themed dressing. Its an unspoken rule that your July 4th uniform consist of three colors : Red, White and Blue. Thats just how we do it, here in the states.

Who better than the Queen of RED, Taylor Swift to teach us how to dress patriotically. (Let’s face it, no one does ‘theme’ anything quite like Taylor Swift!)

It seems as though this American Sweetheart wrote the How-To Guide for Patriotic Dressing. —And we took notes!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints. When else can you pair stars and stripes?

Red lipstick is a MUST.

You will never never ever regret sporting Fun Flirty sunglasses. Like Never.

Drive the Red, White and Blue combo home with matching accessories.

Even dressed as girly as can be, you can STILL be comfortable. A pair of Navy Keds will encourage you to run around with sparklers in hand!

4th of July Outfit Inspiration: Taylor Swift.

Friendship bracelet

White jewelry

Red jewelry

Blue ring

Heart studs


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