5NkM9nsyu5T-DueloWtSf00nzuKYOCAhqZiktH8zf18amorium snake and reversible ringsGetting ready for the summer, Amorium Jewelry is happy to present a new charm of sophistication, our Mimosa collection! Made all out of sterling silver and natural tones that shine from far away Mimosa is elegant and delicate yet sophisticated. Complemented by stunning diamonds and delicate cable chains Mimosa is the perfect addition to your outfits this summer. A wonderful selection of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings that will make you look absolutely striking. Perfect for a gift or even a special occasion these accessories are easy and fun to wear. For all of those who like delicate jewelry these are an impeccable addition to their jewelry collection. Check it out at: http://www.amoriumjewelry.com/ With love!


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