The classic chambray shirt is a Must Have in every closet! We love it because of its versatility. Transcending seasons, we can wear a trusted chambray shirt year around. To keep our chambray interesting, ACCESSORIZING needs to come into play! The way you accessorize classic garments, like the chambray shirt, is what keeps it in your closet year around. Here are some Tips & Tricks to spruce up that trusted chambray in your closet for the summer season.

Quick Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use your Chambray like a sweater for those days with unpredictable weather, when its too hot just wrap it around your waist!
  2. Quirky shoes are an easy way to inject a little fun in your outfit without much effort.
  3. It’s all about that LAYERING! While many will argue that less is more, we kind of disagree. More is more! Just layer lightly. Layer Lightly means pack on those rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Every limb should be having a party! However, the accessories you choose should be light weight, delicate and not too loud.


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