The holiday season is here! You know what that means: holiday parties, family gatherings, and maybe even a few Christmas dates. We don’t know about you but that sounds like many reasons to break out your best dresses and style it up with some awesome accessories.

Here are a few ways to glam up your look for any event coming your way this holiday season:

Family Gathering?

Keep it simple. Whether you come from a family with a lot of little ones or from a family who loves to hug, don’t put your precious jewelry in the position to be ruined. Besides, at a family event it’s always best to keep it conservative. Pair a cute but subtle necklace with some ear cuffs. It’s simple but still gives you some style.

Family Holiday Gathering

Rose earrings

Gold ring

Circle jewelry

Glitter jewelry

Holiday Party?

Stand out and SPARKLE! After all you’re in a big room full of people, how else is that cute guy across the room suppose to notice you? Pull out the sequins, layer on the necklaces, and pile on the rings. You’ll shine so bright there’s no way he won’t notice you.

Holiday Party
Holiday Party by amorium featuring Amorium Jewelry

Ivy Necklace

X- Ring

Rose Bubble Ear Cuffs

Four Line Ring

Ires Ring

ZigZag Ring

Christmas Date?

Whether it’s with a new flame or an old one, a date during Christmas time is magical. With the snow outside, the warmth inside, twinkling lights everywhere, and don’t forget the mistletoe, it’s so romantic! So look your best with some beautiful rose gold jewelry that looks great anyone’s skin tone.

Christmas Date Night

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