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The Symbol of the anklets according to the Civilization
Due to its multiple origins, the anklet has several meanings which can sometimes take diametrically opposite directions. Indeed, in some African tribes, the anklet is offered to the bride to testify to the commitment of her husband. While in ancient Egypt, anklets were worn by prostitutes as a distinctive sign. So, the mark of respect or a sign of small virtues is difficult to decide.

In other cultures, as in another ethnic clan of West Africa, the anklet chain is worn with large necklaces during initiation rites and various celebrations. It can also indicate the social class and determine the fortune of the wearer.

In China, on the other hand, this accessory had a completely different use. The anklet was put on the feet of young children as a talisman to offer them protection against evil spirits.

It is in India that the anklet is a true ode to femininity. It takes on a character linked to sensuality. Adorned with various accessories such as charms or bells, they are even more captivating. Indeed, for the belly dancers, in addition to the undulatory movements to make men shudder, they succeed thanks to a ceremonial to bring down the most macho males. In the culture of Indian women, walking slowly would be an additional criterion of charm. At the feet of these women, this type of jewel becomes a weapon of massive seduction.

Also in India, women wear chains intertwined on their ankles during the celebration of weddings. This accessory completes their bride's outfit and signifies her upcoming alliance with her future husband. A bit like the yellow gold ring that you offer to your pretty bride. But it also acts as a signal so that her husband recognizes her by hearing her footsteps sound from afar.



What Does an Anklet Wear on the Left Foot Mean?
The anklet can be worn on either leg. However, the importance of certain codes established in the different communities should not be overlooked. For example, for the homosexual community, the anklet is put on the left leg. It could indeed be a distinctive sign to recognize each other at a glance, and without having to talk to each other. If you are a lesbian and you discover this subtlety, here is an ingenious way to stand out!

What Does an anklet Around the Right Ankle Mean?
It is therefore indicated by deduction that heterosexual women reserve the wearing of the ankle chain on the right leg. Obviously, the anklet is nowadays worn on both feet and at the same time, so whatever its meaning, it is above all a decorative accessory used largely for aesthetic purposes.

What does the Bible say about the Anklet?
The Bible speaks of anklets several times in the Old Testament, and specifically in the book of Isaiah. The texts speak rather of bells on the feet, the ornament of the foot, or buckles on the feet. But the description fits perfectly with the anklet we know today. There is no clear indication of the biblical meaning of the anklet.

However, in the Scriptures, a few verses from the book of Isaiah and particularly chapter 3, mention the behavior of the women who wore it. The Bible speaks of them as proud women, and proud to charm. This was then interpreted and reinforced the idea that women who wear the anklet are easy-going and available to men.

Can Anklets be wore anywhere?
Of course, you can do whatever you want whenever you want. But there is a commonly accepted rule that should be followed.

Regarding the ankle chain, the dressing job prohibits it in the professional clothing register. This gem is very frowned upon in offices. Do not risk, for example, making this mistake during a job interview.

But outside these four walls, you can have fun. The best time to take out your little wonders is of course during spring, but especially in summer.

  • Your outfit will be enhanced by this little accessory during cocktail parties.
  • You will also get noticed if you put an anklet on your foot during dressy parties.
  • The anklet is also welcome, during your casual outings with friends.
  • And at the beach, the anklet will be just perfect to accompany you barefoot on the sand, in the sea, or surfing the waves.

Where to buy an anklet?
After taking into account all these different elements, you can go ahead and make your purchase. If you are convinced that the anklet can be part of your jewelry collection, then you will have no trouble finding your favorite ones.

In a prestigious jewelry store: You will find gold or silver chains accompanied by precious stones. You will no doubt be seduced by their beauty. In addition, you can order your custom-made and personalized accessory. These pieces are true works of art in jewelry. However, your order will take a little longer to reach you & will cost you some money.

In costume jewelry stores: You will find many items for the pleasure of your eyes. There will be gold-plated, silver-plated models, fancy accessories in copper, bronze, steel, and other metals. There are also plastic, rope and fabric models. These stores are real little caves of wonders that can satisfy all tastes and suit all budgets.

On the internet: For those in a hurry, you will easily find the anklet that will suit you in a few clicks. Indeed, you have a huge amount of virtual shops that offer these little treasures on the internet. By typing your keyword, you will have a whole list of shops ready to serve you. The choice will be wide, but fortunately you will have complete descriptions for each product. Prices will be displayed and you can compare multiple sites instantly. In addition, the items will be delivered directly to your home.We invite you to discover our sublime Amorium Jewelry Collection of Anklets made in sterling silver that would definitely please your taste.

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