I was tired and hungry when I finished my 8 hr shift at the office. The work was piling up and there was no time for lunch. The last of my energy reserves seeped away when I opened the building door to walk down to the train station. The sun was still bearing down, reminding me of the hot summer days. Everyone was walking at a fast pace, oblivious to the internal struggles raging within me. Sweat dripped down my cheeks as I trudged towards the station. My shoulders slumped knowing that I have to battle the subway rush hour crowd for a spot on the train. The day was almost over, but the journey back home would be a long one. Tacos saved my Life Suddenly, my nose picked up a strong aroma of mixed beef and beans, a nostalgic smell that brought me to a stand serving fresh homemade tacos. The shop owner noticed me and pointed at the aroma’s origins. I nodded and he handed me a soft shell beef taco with beans, tomatoes, and avocados. My agony was over, and I ate my savior. Tacos saved my life If tacos have saved you and your famished stomach from a harsh, forgettable day, then give tacos some credit! Silver taco cuff from Amorium Rose Taco cuff from Amorium


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