A, B, C, D, E, F, G...Does your name start with the letter A? Or does it start with the letter K? Check out our newest letter necklaces collection! This beautiful collection features cubic zirconia crystals and is rose gold-plated 925 sterling silver. This pendant is very personal and unique and represents the significant first letter of your name or of your loved one. Letter charms are uppercase and are available in the letter of your choice, they shine from far away! This necklace is so appealing and elegant that you would never want to take it off; it will become your signature piece of jewelry. Adorn yourself with this beautiful pendant and personalize your life! Perfect gift to yourself or to someone you care and love. Get yours now at: www.amorium.com Give me an L Give me an O Give me a V Give me an E With Love, amorium-banner14a amorium-banner13a amorium-banner18a amorium-banner20a amorium-banner19a


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