Create Your Own Indoor Succulent Garden

Here at Amorium, we love the beautiful look of fresh plant life. But if you're anything like us, caring for plants can be tricky when you are always busy and on the go.

Luckily, our favorite type of plant also happens to be super low maintenance. Succulents really brighten up a room with almost no effort. They don’t need to be watered often, which helps when you have long weekends out of the house. It's also super convenient when you come home from a busy day at work and just want to binge watch reality tv with a glass of wine.

So, how can you make your very own succulent garden? We’re here to give you step by step instructions on making a garden oasis that is as unique as you are!
Supplies Needed1. Lyra Bracelets
2. Evil Eye Ring
3. Stone Band Ring
4.Open Delicate Ring
-Succulents don't thrive in still water. Either use a container with a drainage hole or put a layer of small rocks on the bottom to keep the water away from the roots. -Fill your container with potting soil. Leave some room at the top if you want to include decorative rocks, crystals or any other fun garnish. -Organize the succulents how you wish inside the container and pack down the surrounding soil down with your fingers. Cover soil with more small rocks or moss to keep moisture away from the plant base. Garnish to your liking. -Place your succulents near a sunny window and water lightly. -Only repeat watering when the succulent soil feels dry. -Rotate your garden every once in a while so that the plants grow straight. -You can feed your plants fertilizer made for succulents when they start growing or start with a potting mix that already contains fertilizer. Enjoy and Have Fun!
1. Lyra Bracelets
2. Evil Eye Ring
3. Stone Band Ring
4. Open Delicate Ring
Succulents have short roots and therefore don't need a deep container. So you can play around with different potting styles. Below are some more potting and decorating inspiration to help get you started! Enjoy your new personal succulent oasis! Potting Styles *As a bonus: Any jewelry shown in the above images can be found on our Amorium website. Simply click on the corresponding item links below each image.


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