Rings are known to give elegance to our outfit and to bring out our femininity. Timeless fashion accessories, they allow us to highlight our sensuality. This is why we cannot do without it. This year, we love the stacking of rings. Coming straight from abroad (Africa, Asia, India), this style is on the rise. The principle ? Wear several jewels at the same time. This is called “stacking”. So, how to adopt this jewelry trend? Which are the errors to avoid?

What is stacking? You have probably already heard of "stacking" or may have already practiced it without knowing it! However, you do not know what it means exactly and where this term comes from. Stacking is the big trend of the moment. It is neither more nor less than a stylish way to wear your jewelry.

Derived from the English verb “to stack” which means “to stack” in French, stacking is the act of accumulating several jewels on a part of your body. In other words, it is the art of accumulating one's jewels with each other.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings… All the pieces can be worn at the same time to create a harmonious result. Moreover, this way of wearing jewelry is creating a buzz on social networks and among influencers. Knowing how to combine and stack your jewelry is not easy. It is still necessary to measure the number of pieces and find the right measure to obtain the ideal composition. Stacking rings is no exception to this rule. To succeed in your stacking, here are some tips to follow.

What does the Bible say about the Anklet?
The Bible speaks of anklets several times in the Old Testament, and specifically in the book of Isaiah. The texts speak rather of bells on the feet, the ornament of the foot, or buckles on the feet. But the description fits perfectly with the anklet we know today. There is no clear indication of the biblical meaning of the anklet.

However, in the Scriptures, a few verses from the book of Isaiah and particularly chapter 3, mention the behavior of the women who wore it. The Bible speaks of them as proud women, and proud to charm. This was then interpreted and reinforced the idea that women who wear the anklet are easy-going and available to men.

Can Anklets be wore anywhere?
Of course, you can do whatever you want whenever you want. But there is a commonly accepted rule that should be followed.

Regarding the ankle chain, the dressing job prohibits it in the professional clothing register. This gem is very frowned upon in offices. Do not risk, for example, making this mistake during a job interview.

But outside these four walls, you can have fun. The best time to take out your little wonders is of course during spring, but especially in summer.

  • Your outfit will be enhanced by this little accessory during cocktail parties.
  • You will also get noticed if you put an anklet on your foot during dressy parties.
  • The anklet is also welcome, during your casual outings with friends.
  • And at the beach, the anklet will be just perfect to accompany you barefoot on the sand, in the sea, or surfing the waves.


Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to mix several metals. In particular, you can mix the precious stones with whimsical pieces and simple rings. Rose gold, white gold, pink, solid silver... Have fun with colors! You will find a wide range of solid silver and gold-plated rings on online jewelry sites. A word of advice: prefer minimalist models in rose gold or silver for a more elegant stacking. 

In terms of size, it is also possible to accumulate thin rings and wide rings, but be careful not to overdo it. You can also try asymmetry with a knuckle ring to play with the lengths. The important thing is to maintain perfect uniformity to prevent the stacking from being too vulgar.

Master the proportions: Here again, the idea is to know how to balance the number of rings as well as the colors and materials used. If you do not know how to marry the colors with accuracy, the best is to stay in the same colors. It is also possible to choose a single color and vary the tones with a monochrome. It's totally up to you!

To avoid overloading your hands too much, consider alternating the size and width of the rings, without spacing them too much. Put on a thin ring, then a wide ring, and so on. You can wear fancy-type rings, but again, don't overdo it!

Jewelry - dress all the fingers: To stack your rings, dare to dress all your fingers, even those which you are not used to wearing them: the thumb, the index, the middle finger, the little finger, and even the knuckles. However: leave a bare finger anyway to avoid overloading the composition.

Properly balance the accumulation of rings: To maintain harmony, it is also important that you put the rings in the right place. Avoid, for example, putting large rings on your thumb. This may make the composition heavier. Rather, it's about threading the thinnest pieces on the thumb and the thickest on the index or middle finger. Above all, choose comfortable rings for the perfect build-up (not too big or too small).

A pretty manicure for a perfect finish: To bring out the beauty of your stacking, there is nothing like a pretty manicure. Take good care of your nails (nail art, French manicure, false nails, etc.) and put on your most beautiful jewelry. The result will be simply fabulous. 


The rules to follow to properly adopt this jewelry trend
Stacking jewelry is a real art. The slightest error thus risks creating a gloomy and classic set. To help you master it, here are some rules to know.

Rule n°1 - Don't hoard jewelry in a frenzy: One of the first things to know when you adopt stacking is that you have to choose the part where you want to accumulate your jewels. If you wear several rings, one bracelet will suffice, and vice versa. Accumulating these two types of jewelry risks, in fact, gives a mismatched result.
It is therefore advisable to superimpose the pieces at the level of a single part of your body and to stack the rings sparingly in order to avoid the “too much effect”.

Rule n°2 - wear appropriate clothing: In fashion, you always have to determine the centerpiece that will make your outfit stand out. This one will be more imposing compared to the other accessories. If you decide to wear several rings, absolutely avoid emphasizing your outfit by wearing too sophisticated clothes. For the stacking to be successful, choose a sober outfit that is not too flashy. You will see that your rings will be well highlighted.

Rule n°3 - define a specific theme: When we adopt the stacking of rings, we often tend to mix too many things at once: materials, colors, shapes, etc. It is then difficult to determine the clothing style of the wearer. To avoid this kind of error, you must define a specific theme. Rock, hippie, bohemian… All styles are allowed!

You can also combine two complementary colors, mix bright colors, mix various materials or choose a single material (bronze, gold, silver) to create a unique theme. No matter which style you choose, the important thing is to stay in the same universe.

Jewelry stacking trend: what to remember
To create harmonious and original compositions with several rings, it is important to:

  • vary the models,
  • bet on minimalist rings
  • alternate the size of the rings (mix the large rings and the thinnest)
  • maintaining a certain uniformity, but not creating an overly classic ensemble
  • vary the tones with monochrome or choose a single color,
  • As mentioned above, you have to dress all the fingers to be in the stacking trend, but you still have to leave one totally bare to avoid too much effect.

After you have read the full guide and applied our suggestions, we guarantee that you will shine more then ever as the stacking trend is in the rise. finally we invite you to check our our Amorium Minimalist Silver Stacking Rings Collections that we are sure it will please your taste.

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