'=The best way to combat monday blues is to start the week with you best look forward. Get dressed in your favorite outfit and put a little extra time on our hair! Doing that will sure encourage you to kick butt on what can sometimes be the toughest day of the week! We love this hear braid tutorial from Blogger, A Cup Of Joe. Take a look at how she manages to pull of this look on her daughter!. heart-braid-hair-tutorial-cup-of-jo-cupofjo
Prep: Brush the hair until it's tangle ree. You'll need two clear elastics
and a few bobby pins.

1. Section off the top area of the hair as if you would when you wear it half up. You can sweep the bottom half over to one side to keep the hair divided. We'll only be working with the top half for this style.

2. Split the top section down the middle into two equal partings.

3-5. Braid both partings before securing with an elastic. The braids should be pretty close together (like in the picture), as opposed to on either side of her head.

6-7. To create the first half of your heart, you'll coil the base of the braid around itself to form the part of the heart that's rounded. Pin in place.

8. Fold the remanding tail of the braid in half to make the heart's point. You'll want to tuck the loose hairs and elastic so they don't show. Pin in place.

9-10. Repeat with the other braid. heart-braid-tutorial-cup-of-jo-blog Add our Heart Chain earrings, and you are set to look as glamours as ever! Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.51.50 PM SHOP it here -> http://bit.ly/1wmbLQh Let us know what other tutorials you'd like us to share in the comments below!


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