Today marks the start of a new Zodiac month. Gemini's it turn to shine!
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Here's what the next month has in store for you... This month, focus on a 'give some, take some' mentality. It's going to be an interesting 30 days, so you'll need all the help you can get from those around you, but be sure to lend a helpful hand as well. This also applies to your love life! If you're willing to provide love and dedication to your special someone, they will match what you're giving. On May 28, the Gemini new moon acts as your personal new year, setting off a fresh six-month life cycle. Meditation, chanting, or a vision board (hello, Pinterest!) can enhance your clarity. Neptune is in full swing, and since it is associated with escapes, perhaps a little getaway to the beach will be the catalyst for your big life plans. For those Gemini's having doubts, don’t be afraid to make a big change! Memorial Day Weekend can be your perfect chance to get out of town and unwind! Step back, clear your mind and let the answer come to you through positive thinking! Happy Birthday!


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