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With the Sun roving through Gemini, it may feel like nobody knows the trouble you have seen. Don’t fret much longer! It’s your turn to be the star! A strong focus on self-improvement particularly in health, work and self-care are vital! This summer is the perfect time to expand your horizons. Book that European vacation you always wanted to go on! Traveling is the best way to learn new things about the world and yourself. You will find the everyday stresses that used to weigh you down, now seem inconsequential. Your driving forces are now things that cannot be measured, like gaining new life experiences, love, life and family. Consequently, money and personal possessions will come your way as you begin to expand and grow in self-worth. You will purse these things with more confidence and verve! If you feel like you deserve more others will notice and agree! This month, Cancer, it’s okay to be shellfish (we had too!) ! In fact, being selfish will result in better relationship with all those you love. It will allow you be to be a better friend, lover, wife, sister and/or mother. Start off by indulging in our Cancer Necklace in Rose Gold and Silver.


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