Prom season us officially underway and nothing is more exciting than getting dolled up and celebrating the end of a school year with your friends! It's not often that we get to feel like a celebrity and stand out! With so many Prom Dress style choices out there, Amorium has come to help decode our favorite Prom Styles and paired with must-have Amorium pieces. Take a look:

Crop Top

Crop Top dresses are this season's 'Cool Girl' status symbol. Showing just a little navel is a classy way to turn the fun up to an 11 on a ball gown skirt.


Pair it with

Maria Earring -



Embellished Top

Embellish tops draw the attention to up to your face and help add soften your look. Keep the details simple and add a single bangle to tie the look together.


Paired with

Bangle Bracelet -

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.22.18 AM


The Goddess effect is fully underway with a draped gown. The ease of the dress calls for punchy accessories like the palm cuff.


Paired with

Hand Cuff -

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.20.30 PM


One of the most popular prom silhouettes is the strapless gown. While others may opt for a flashy necklaces, take a different approach and draw attention to your glowing face with bold ear cuffs.


Paired with

Gold Diamond Ear Cuffs


Which Prom Trend is Your Favorite?


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