giftguide It's that time of year again! Whether you're spending it with the boyfriend, best friends, or take out Chinese food and your couch, show someone you care about (or yourself) some love. Here is our top picks for gifts this Valentine's Day. Mom Mom does a lot for you, so she deserves the best. Here are our top picks for mom: 1. Lyra V Rose Pearl Necklace, $72 2. Mommy & Me Silver Heart Necklace Set, $88 3. Lyra Pearl Fringe Earrings, $82 4. Lyra Gold Bracelet Cuff, $72 5. Lyra Silver Pearl Necklace, $48 Bestfriend She's made you laugh so hard, brought you a tub of ice cream and hugged you while you cried, and she's the only one who knows the most embarrassing stories about you. She's your best friend! So show her how much you appreciate her with a gift, or matching gifts for the two of you. 1. Pink Butterfly Necklace in Rose, $62 2. Heartbeat Necklace in Rose, $53 3. Mini Silver Infinity Necklace, $44 4. Infinity Full Chain Ring, $53 5. Braided Black Silver Choker, $88 *Can also be worn as a bracelet! yourselfYou work hard everyday between work, the gym, and having a social life. So this holiday is the perfect time to give yourself some self-love. Whether you'll be spending the day with a significant other or throwing an anti-valentine's day party we've got something for you. Self love is important, so we included an extra top pick just for you. 1. Heart Disk Necklace, $138 2. Circle Silver Heart Necklace, $46 3. Catch Flights, Not Feelings Cuff, $72 4. Bubble Ear Cuffs, $75 5. Drop Baguette Choker, $98 6. Evil Eye Ring, $45 Didn't see anything you liked? That's ok! Check out our full collection here.


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