These are the top ranked animal pictures from We love these pictures. Animals are so beautiful and naturally photogenic! The cute otter is praying to Mother Nature for another bountiful harvest of yummy fish. Yes, we think you deserve to eat to your heart's content. Feb. 09, 2012 - Birmingham, England, United Kingdom - This is the incredible photo of an otter seeking guidance by praying. This once in a lifetime snap was taken by Hertfordshire based photographer Marac Andrev Kolodzinski. Marac had to wait over two hours in the freezing cold before he captured the divine moment. .(Credit Image: © Marac Kolodzinski/Caters News/ The kitty doesn't want to get out of its comfort zone. Jeans are a great place to snuggle and hide from the code! perfectanimalshots35 Argh, should I go for the nut or keep this expensive lens hostage. My stomach tells me to go get the nut. perfectanimalshots12 An elephant enveloped in dust. Elephants can be cool too. If you like elephants, you should definitely visit our blog on how baby elephants are just like us. perfectanimalshots16 We always dream about being friends with the meat loving tiger. It is a joy to see a predator settle into the loving arms of a human. perfectanimals1 I hope the animal pictures brightened up your day. You can check out our vintage animal jewelry here.


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