For every wardrobe staple piece are needed. A staple piece is a fundamental piece that can be worn from day to night for hours on end. It's a piece that is easily versatile and styled to fit any look. Here are five staple pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe. 1. The Anywhere, Anytime Necklace You sleep in it, shower in it (shh you’re not supposed to), wear it day in and day out. It’s basically a part of you. It can easily be worn from day to night. It’s simplicity allows you to wear alone or layer with other pieces. The simpler the better. Keep it silver, gold, or rose-gold for versatility. Try:
2. The Classic Hoop Earring The hoop earring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. It has dated back to many different cultures and places, such as Ancient Rome and Greece. The hoop has gone through many different transformations over the years. Whether love an oversized hoop or a classic smaller style, the hoop earring is a staple for any wardrobe. Try: 3. The Not-to-Worry- Stud The barely there, you never have to worry about it classic stud. Small enough to forget you are wearing, but adds just a glimmer of shine. These earrings go from day to night so you never have to double think your outfit for when you are on the go! Try: 4. The Barely There Bracelet You're a busy gal- on the go and working hard. If you don't have the time or ability to style let alone wear a statement bangle but don't want your wrist to go bare, not to worry! The barely there bracelet is here to save the day. Keep it simple with one to three chains per piece. It's just enough to be seen but no overbearing. Plus if you do have the time to layer, these pieces are easy and versatile. Try: 5. The Stackable Ring Do you feel naked without it? It's always on your hand and can be worn from work to a night out. Dainty with a touch of shimmer, the stackable ring is the trendiest accessory. Worn alone or layered with other pieces is all purpose for any occasion. Try: Want more options? Shop our full collection here.


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