We have all heard about these so-called “rules” we need to live by while dressing ourselves. Well, guess what? Fashion has become way more laid-back! We now live in a time where it’s okay to add variation to your wardrobe. Get ready to throw out many of the fashion faux pas that past generations adhered to. Prepare to start having fun experimenting with what you previously thought were big no-no’s! We have put together a list of 10 fashion faux pas that are simply outdated:

1. You shouldn't mix prints

This one scares many people because it may seem overwhelming. But if executed well, mixing prints can actually look very chic. The key is to have at least one pattern with a repetitive theme. Think stripes, polkadots and houndstooth. With that pattern as a base, your other pattern can be more playful. Patterns like this include floral, geometric and organic. To tie everything together, we like to break up the look with solid pieces. Maybe a belt, cardigan or handbag. This is a look that is very creative and speaks your personality!collage

2. Sequins are only for nighttime

Sequins may immediately get linked to going out and fancy events. They are sparkly and draw attention. Although that may be true, sequins can definitely be rocked in the daytime. Instead of pairing your sequin piece with sky-high stilettos or leather pants, try pairing one sequin piece with a casual piece, like a denim jacket or a white tee. It brings in a fun and unexpected element to your daily wardrobe. sequinscollage

3. Never wear denim on denim

Denim on denim isn't just for cowboys anyone. What many people know as the “Canadian tuxedo” can actually look very fashion forward. In order to not be overwhelming in your blues, make sure you pair different shades of denim together to break up the look. With that, you can include different washes and textures. If head to toe blues aren't always your thing, add in some colored denim to the mix. denimcollage

4. Don't mix gold and silver jewelry together

Here at Amorium Jewelry, this one really irks us. Mixing metal colors can add dimension and life to your jewelry look. We love wearing gold and silver together! Why not even toss some beautiful rose-gold into the mix?! The easiest way to perfect this look is to add pieces of varying widths and sizes. For necklaces, you can start with a choker and add layers by length. Your everyday ring stacks can include all different shades as well. Feel free to click on the below image to find the jewelry on our site so you can start your new mixed metal life.mixedmetalcollage

5. Never wear white after labor day

This might be the most popular quoted faux pas. It gets people asking "When exactly is Labor Day?" and "Does this really matter?" Whoever came up with this has obviously never wrapped themselves up in a beautiful winter white. Not only is it appropriate, it is a fresh and bright break from the dark colors we usually wear in the winter. Find some whites in heavier fabrics like cashmere, flannel, leather, wool and mohair. whitecollage

6. Never show your bra straps Okay, hear us out about this one. Showing your plain ol' bra-straps can look out of place and ruin an outfit. BUT, with all these beautiful new bralettes we are seeing, they are just asking to be shown off! Adding a peek-a-boo element of a bralette can be a part of your layering look. They are popping up all over the place in fun colors, lace details or multiple straps. bralettecollage 7.Always match your handbag to your shoes Not only is this rule outdated, but matching all your accessories perfectly can make you look boring and matronly. By varying the colors, material and textures, your outfit will look modern and interesting. Don't be afraid to pair a metallic pump with a neutral bag. Or a printed velvet clutch with your lace up moto-boots. shoeshandbagcollage 8. You cannot wear black and brown together Black and brown are both neutrals. So you can pretty much wear them with anything. This rule applies to black and navy as well. Add dimension to your look with fabrics that have different textures. This can look super sleek if you tie in an accessory like a scarf, shoes or handbag that incorporates both.blackbrowncollage 9. You shouldn't wear a mini-skirt after 30 Throughout the recent decades, we heard this rule updated to “after 40” then “after 50,” slowly upping the age. Well, we are here to announce: As long as you rock it with confidence, there is no age limit! The concept of age appropriate dressing as an adult is simply boring. The way to make a mini-skirt look chic is by pairing it with classic staples. Wear a loose blouse tucked into the skirt. Or try it peeking under a baggy knit sweater. These looks are both chic and stylish. One more piece of advice about this look is to make sure that your mini-skirt is the correct size and fit. You don't want to be tugging at and pulling down your skirt all day. minicollage 10. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This was said by arguably the most elegant woman ever, Coco Chanel. It may have been a tried and true idea of her time. But it simply is now outdated. We live in a time where layering jewelry can create a whole look on its own. Make the accessories stand out by pairing them with simple outfits. Jazz up your little black dress with layered necklaces. Turn your day into night by complementing your t-shirt and jeans with some sparkly jewels to jazz up the look. All the jewelry featured below is available to you. Click the below image to shop the looks from our website! chanelcollage


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